Functional cosmetic ingredients – for the benefit of natural and gentle personal care

“Back to nature” – a development, which strongly affects the cosmetic sector for several years now. Ecological friendliness and sustainability become more and more important in the cosmetic industry. The main challenge within this movement is to replace chemical, harmful substances by natural ingredients.

SENSOCEL® natural fibres offer a wide range of applications and are gained during a particularly gentle manufacturing process from different plants.

We provide a wide selection of natural plant based fibers:

  • SENSOCEL® (origin wood)
  • SENSOCEL® bc (origin bamboo)
  • SENSOCEL® oc (origin oat)
  • SENSOCEL® wc (origin wheat)
  • SENSOCEL® scc (origin sugar cane)
  • SENSOCEL® cc (origin corn)
  • SENSOCEL® ac (origin apple)

  • We love pure nature!!! SENSOCEL® is a natural and environmental friendly raw material and supports the “green” idea of your formulation.

  • high water and oil binding
  • temperature stable & pH stable
  • chemically inert
  • easy to dispers
  • allergen free (gluten free)
  • vegan ingredient
  • free from animal testing
  • GMO free
  • halal & kosher

  • The constant control of our product quality is our highest priority which is verified by our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000. Patch tests confirm SENSOCEL® is a harmless ingredient that does not cause any skin irritation.

    The functionality of SENSOCEL® natural fibres differs in accordance to the particle form (globular or fibrous) and the particle size. The size ranges from 1 µm up to 1,900 µm. It will be our pleasure to support you with recommendations for your cosmetic formulation!

    SENSOCEL® – surprisingly versatile for innovative formulators

  • micro cleansing particles for toothpastes
  • stabilisation of emulsions and Pickering emulsions
  • replacement of synthetic fibres like nylon, PMMA or polyethylene
  • moisture regulation, e.g. in caring masks for a homogenous dry out during the application
  • white and coloured peeling particles in shower peelings and cleansing lotions
  • extraordinary binding capacity, e.g. in deodorants for a pleasant dry skin feel
  • microplastics-free lash and volume extension in mascara
  • professional matting agent in colour cosmetics and luxurious beauty care lines

  • It will be our pleasure to support you with recommendations about the appropriate grade and dosage. We are looking forward to talk about your requirements!