SANACEL® - Basis of a balanced nutrition

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a dietary fibre intake of at least 30 g per day. Projects such as the National Consumption Study II in Germany came to the result that the intake of men and women in all age groups was below the recommendation.

CFF produces natural dietary fibre concentrations that are suitable for dietary fibre enrichment in food.

High function of the soluble and insoluble SANACEL® fibres is at the focus here. Texture improvement, avoidance of syneresis and fat separation, yield increase and stability improvement are only some of the benefits that SANACEL® dietary fibres can achieve in your foods. SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrations are available without E-number and provide high water and oil binding as anti-caking agent, flowing aid, thickening agent or as stabiliser.

Due to our high claim to product safety and hygiene, we comply with the directives of the DIN EN ISO 22.000:2005 and implementation of the HACCP concept.