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2018-10-27 CFF woos for trainees at the career information fair „KOMET“

Ausbildung CFFAt the career information fair „KOMET“ of the TGS Großbreitenbach we received another opportunity to introduce CFF as a regional company for dual education. The patron of the Event, head of the district authority, Petra Enders, visited our booth to get more information about the dual education opportunities CFF is offering for 2019. Students can decide in between 3 different dual traineeships at CFF for the term starting in summer 2019. That implies to be able to start their career together with a stable, local employer instead of searching for opportunities in distant cities. Year by year the shortage of skilled manpower becomes more noticeable. Therefore CFF relies on its own dual training of their professionals. „It is important for us to provide a solid education and training to young students and to keep them within our region." confirms Simone Preiss who is the first contact person at CFF for human relations. We are looking forward to receiving the applications of the young canidates and are keen to find out with whom we will be starting into the training term of 2019. Further information about the availablbe traineeships at CFF are available here.

2018-10-15 CFF joins „Career Information Day“ in Königsee

Tag der KarriereWe are looking for trainees for our site in Gehren. During the „Career Information Day“ at Staatliche Regelschule Königsee we took advantage of the opportunity to introduce CFF and to inform about the 3 different trainee positions for 2019: mechatronic technician (m/f), electronics technician for operating technology (m/f) and machine & equipment operator (m/f). 150 students visited the information booths of 25 different companies of various branches to receive more information about the available trainee positions.  We are now keen to receive your applications and to answer your questions. Please also visit our website and click here for additional information or just call us!

2018-10-11 Initiative World Road Day

WorldRoadDayBased on the initiative of PIARC and the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport a public discussion about the role and importance of the worldwide road network will take place on 11th October 2018.

You can follow and join the conversation at the social networks. This campaign is supported by the EAPA and also CFF. Please use the hashtags #DiaMundialdelaCarretera and #WorldRoadDay, to follow and join the conversation on Twitter using @WorldRoadDay, or get more information on the official homepage

2018-09-12 Time to Experience - 3. SANACEL® Experience

SANACEL ExperienceCFF partners of 32 different countries joined our 3rd SANACEL® Experience event this year. Practical and theoretical knowledge and innovative product ideas were discussed intensively during the two workshop days. We remain with many thanks to the speakers who enriched the workshop with their success stories. Also thank you to the helpers of the Ernst Benary School from Erfurt, who successfully supported us and anabled a very smooth progress of all practical experiments. We look forward to the next SANACEL® Experience workshop.

2018-09-06 Successful Newcomer at IntraFood 2018

IntraFoodIn September CFF Belgium NV. presented the SANACEL® range for the first time at Intrafood exhibition in Kortrijk, Blgium. This exhibition is focused on raw materials, ingredients and additives for the food industry in the Benelux. In the future the Benelux market will be handled by the new company CFF Belgium N.V.! This was the perfect opportunity to introduce our new company name and the SANACEL® range to our customers in Benelux. We would like to thank all visitors of our booth and we are looking forward to seeing you again at the Intrafood 2020.

2018-06-19 It will be "green" at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER

BEREven though the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER has so far gained more prominence due to negative headlines on the construction progress, things are moving forward here and there. On 19.06.2018 the EFEB e.V. – European Federation for Erosion Control and Bioengineering - conducted a technical field trip to the construction site of the new airport Berlin Brandenburg. On site - our CFF road construction team. The occasion for the visit was a tour of the re-greening and erosion control measures at the airport, which have been carried out successfully since 2014 around the runways, the soil filters and the surrounding terrain. The re-greening of airport areas places special demands on the selection of plants, their nutrient supply and the special site-related factors and soil conditions. Open spaces at airports must be provided with an extra dense carpet of plants in order to protect the soil from erosion and dust formation which is mainly caused by the extreme jet force of the aircraft engines. The re-greening measures, applied by hydroseeding method, were carried out with TECHNOCEL® cellulose fiber mulch. So please take a look down whenever you start or land at the BER from 2020 onwards.

2018-06-15 Newcomer in our CFF brand family

QUALICEL MarkeWe are proud to introduce a newcomer in our CFF brand family – QUALICEL® fibre concentrates for animal nutrition. With their nutritional and technological benefits QUALICEL® significantly contribute to the health maintenance during all life stages. Providing QUALICEL® for all animal species we are once more offering a natural ingredient and are expanding the range of application fields for our global partners and customers. We look forward to advance the world of fibres together.


2018-06-08 CFF GmbH & Co. KG acquires International Fiber Europe N.V. and expands its competence for innovative fibre solutions

IFEToday we are proud to announce the acquisition of International Fiber Europe N.V. in Belgium. By this strategic alliance CFF GmbH & Co. KG broadens its capability of providing high quality products and innovative application technologies to customers worldwide.

The new company, CFF Belgium N.V. will continue its long tradition of manufacturing highly functional cellulose fibres at its manufacturing site in Temse, Belgium. In future the well-known fibre products from Belgium will be provided under the well-established CFF brand names SANACEL®, TECHNOCEL®, DIACEL® and QUALICEL®. CFF stands for constant innovation and customized fibre solutions from natural resources and we are delighted to be working with the team of former IFE, enabling us to expand our reach into key territories and new applications. By combining our individual strengths we hope to bring more value to our customers in addition to exploring new opportunities with our fibre ingredients.

2018-05-08 Green, greener, TECHNOCEL®...

TECHNOCEL the VIII conference for for household products and industrial detergents in Warsaw. The „green“ wave has finally reached the field home care. This year‘s international conference for household and industrial detergents took place for the 8th time and focused on legislation news, sustainability and innovations. With the lecture „Biodegradeble, non-toxic cleaning particles as a most advantageous part of innovative and sustainable formulation“ CFF presents its TECHNOCEL® range for home care applications; among them natural and ecofriendly cleansing particles.


2018-05-04 CFF supports circus project of Staatliche Grundschule Thomas Müntzer

ZirkusprojektProject work with a pedagogic background was the motto of the project week of the elementary school in Gehren. Together with the project circus Alfred Sperlich the students worked out a complete circus program in 2 days. Wizards, acrobats, clowns, tightrope walkers, fakirs, jugglers, trapeze artists, pigeon writers and pirates were trained. The project encourages working together in groups, because a circus only word successfully if everyone works together hand in hand. A jointly developed performance leaves room for one's own abilities and creativity. It becomes successful through agreements, rules and the responsibility and considerate interaction with each other. With great costumes, a laser show and lots of enthusiastic visitors, this show was a great success for both adults and children. It has been a great pleasure for CFF to support this project.

2018-04-19 SENSOCEL® captures the country of tulips

in-cos 2018As in previous years CFF again participated at the worldwide biggest cosmetic exhibition in-cosmetics in April. This time it took place in Amsterdam and so far it was the largest and most successful exhibition since we started in cosmetics in 2015. Besides our innovative oral care cleansing bodies SENSOCEL® dental, our newly developed SENSOCEL® stab, which is used as a thickening system in cosmetic products, received high appreciation. Plastic-based thickeners are still well used in cosmetic products. In times of changing legislation towards environmental-friendly cosmetics it is rather likely that these soluble microplastics will be banned from cosmetics in the near future. With SENSOCEL® stab cosmetic producers are now able to prepare for a clean, microplastic-free environment.

2018-03-15 DIACEL® brand presence at FILTECH 2018 in Cologne

FILTECH 2018From March 13th till March 15th CFF presented their DIACEL® filtration range at Filtech 2018 in Cologne. The combined event of filtration congress and exhibition was again attracting a higher number of visitors and exhibitors than in previous years. For many new customers our organic DIACEL® filter aids revealed new alternatives for the optimization of their filtration system. We appreciate the stopover of many new visitors as well as the reunion with all our customers and would like to thank all visitors of our booth. We are looking forward to seeing you again at Filtech 2019 in October 2019.

2018-02-28 CFF development team for meat applications convinces at Thuringia Expo in Erfurt

WurstprüfungThe successful introduction of our product innovation SANACEL® add 042, a plant based alternative for phosphates, at Food ingredients Europe show in Frankfurt 2017 encouraged us to develop a boiled sausage to be introduced to the experts of the Thuringian association Landesinnungsverband des Fleischerhandwerks Thüringen e.V. Worth the effort our Lyoner has been rewarded with 6 x Gold, 7 x Silver und 2 x Bronze. CFF received the award during a ceremony with the Thuringian Minister of Agriculture Birgit Keller.

2017-12-23 A new Year is approaching
We may express our gratitude for the corporation & support of our business partners as well as their coinfidence throughout the year. We wish everyone a cheerful holiday season and a prosperous new year filled with peace, health & happiness.

2017-12-22 CFF Christmas donation

Kinderhilfe ErfurtFollowing the tradition of previous years we waive the usual gifts for a donation to Kinderhilfe Erfurt e.V. to support the medical and social care of children with chronic diseases. While the primary health care of children with chronic diseases is usually assured, the finanical funding is very often not sufficient to ensure further support according to the available medical devices & social care methods. Besides a clowns project the support programme includes art therapy as well as a kids library at the Helios Klinikum Erfurt.


2017-11-30 Phosphate-free cooked sausage strikes a chord at Food ingredients Europe 2017

FiE 2017 FrankfurtEnd of November 2017 was “the date” for the leading event of the global food ingredients industry. Besides our German customers we have of course been grateful to meet many of our worldwide business partners to introduce our latest projects and product innovations. This year we have dedicated ourselves entirely to the topic Clean Label. Among other topics, we put strong focus on our SANACEL® add fibre blends and presented a solution for phosphate-free cooked sausages, a fiber blend for flour improvement and our SANACEL® HOC grades as anti-dusting agents for powders. This years “home game” has been very successful for CFF and we are looking forward to the repetition in two years in Paris.

2015-10-14 Clean cosmetics for a clean environment – CFF completed their research project KosLigCel together with Fraunhofer IMWS and Skinomics


Through our participation in the research project KosLigCel we were given the the opportunity to take part in the development of bio-based substitutes of microplastics. Within the project of the top cluster BioEconomy of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research biodegradable particles have been developed  from beech wood cellulose and have been evaluated material scientifically. After 2 years of research progress we have been able to achieve surprisingly good results which we are now able to provide to our customers and partners. We are proud that we have been able to fulfil the project target and developed biodegradable particles which provide the desired properties for cosmetic products in size, shape , hardness and surface texture and which are furthermore skin friendly. Learn more!

2017-07-06 Snow storm in summer time

FilmschneeWhile hot summer temperatures were dominating our weather forecast, our employees have been introduced to the special techniques of creating artificial snow. During a live demonstration we have been able to witness how our TECHNOCEL®  cellulose fibres are transforming a green landscape into a deceptively real winter wonder land as in the Hollywood Movie “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” which was recently in our movie theaters. Of course such winter sceneries will be “defrosted” after each film shooting and the powdery snow is vacuumed. Our Cellulose is bio-degradable and therefore a very eco-friendly way of designing such winter landscapes. We are excited to know which scenes with ecological snow from Gehren will be on screen in the future.

2017-06-26 CFF donates EURO-pallets to local school yard

SchulhofIt took just two project days for the 7th graders of the public school “Staatlichen Regelschule Gräfinau-Angstedt” to rearrange their school yard. CFF supported with a donation of several EURO pallets which have been used by the boys and girls to built several new pieces of outdoor furniture. With the right amount of energy and craft skills a new meeting point has been created on the school yard for pupils and teachers.

2017-06-22 Grand entrance for CFF tooth

Cosmetic Business MuenchenHigh interest in innovative ingredients for healthy oral care has been registered by our colleagues of our business unit personal care & home care during the Cosmetic Business Show in Munich. The molar tooth model which a friendly local dentist provided to CFF seemed to be the perfect exhibition piece to draw many interested visitors and customers to our CFF booth. Keen as always our team gave an introduction of our products within the SENSOCEL® dental range with their low dentin abrasion at simultaneously high cleansing ratios.


2017-06-09 Sustainability agreement of Thuringia – We join in!
NATFor many years we commit ourselves to a sustainable use of energy and a resource conserving manufacturing process of our cellulose products. With our participation in the "Nachhaltigkeitsabkommen Thueringen" (sustainability agreement of Thuringia) we would like to give our efforts within our environmental and energy policy even more significance. The sustainability agreement of Thuringia is a voluntary agreement between the Thuringian economy and the Thuringian government with the common consent of improving the parameters of the economic development of Thuringia based on sustainability.

2017-06-01 5th anniversary of CFF Trading UK LP
We are approaching the 5th anniversary of the launch of our sales office in England. Operating from Birmingham the UK office is responsible for our activities in the UK and Ireland for road construction, building chemicals, industrial applications, and hydroseeding. Distributing our cellulose fibre, both directly from our manufacturing base in Germany and via a number of distribution depots across the UK and Ireland, CFF have become a reputable and reliable supplier to many important and valuable clients. For further information, technical support and advice please email

2017-05-13 Chasing the end of the rainbow at CFF's 40th anniversary

FamilienfestA special natural phenomenon could be observed by the 400 guests of our CFF Family Party on May 13th. After several strong rain showers a dual rainbow appeared behind our 6 silos that characterize the CFF company image for many years. On the occasion of our 40th anniversary this year we invited all CFF staff and their family members to join our CFF Family Party. Besides the unique opportunity to visit our production, our guests have been able to learn more about the vide application range of CFF fibres.

2017-05-03 Field trip to CFF– “school lessons simply different”

Besuch Regelschule GräfinauThat was the motto of the 16 students and their teacher of the school „Staatliche Regelschule Graefinau-Angstedt“ who visited the CFF grounds last week. Equipped with safety clothing they continued a tour of our production together with our managing director Ronald Wich in order to learn more about the products and business units of CFF. The field trip to Gehren has been just one of several stops at local company sites by the 14 and 15 year old teenagers. Questions like „Where will I find an apprentice position?" and "Which professions are offered in my region for training positions?” are currently very essential for the students of the 8th and 9th grade. Therefore the visit did not only cover a tour of our production site but also gave the opportunity to ask questions about apprenticeships offered by CFF. We currently qualify students for the following professions: Industrial Management Assistant as well as Machine Operators.

2017-04-06 ECS 2017 in Nürnberg

ECS 2017Never before there have been as many exhibitors and professional visitors at ECS in Nuremberg. This is also reflected by the number of visitors at our booth, where our CFF team presented known and new products of our TECHNOCEL®  range to visitors from 60 different countries. Especially our new types for fire-proof coatings as well as the new cellulose fibre granules met the interest among the attendees. We would like to express our great gratitude to all visitors and look forward to welcome you again in 2019.



2017-04-06 in-cosmetics 2017 in London

incos 2018Our presence at the global event for cosmetic and personal care ingredients in London has exceeded our expectations. Based on several different formulations we demonstrated the positive effects of the application of natural fibres and attracted many visitors by our CFF booth.

We highly appreciate the vast number of visitors of our speech "SENSOCEL® scrubs as natural alternative to microplastics in personal care". This again confirms the importance of the topic substitution of PE for the industry. The next in-cosmetics show will take place in Amsterdam in 2018. We may already invite you to visit our booth L300 in hall 7.

2017-03-26 Fi China 2017

Fi China 2017At Fi China 2017 we supported our Chinese partner at their booth. In China our SANACEL®  fibres as especially considered for health care applications because health apllications play an important role in the market. We presented our fibres in different food products like bread, sauces and cookies, as well as in drinks, enriched with SANACEL® dietary fibre.

2017-03-07 Seminar „passionate about fibres

Seminar Chile„passionate about fibres - SANACEL® dietary fibres for healthy and innovative foods“ has been the subject of a joined customer workshop of CFF and their Peruvian partner. Our target was to strengthen the awareness of the health aspects of dietary fibres and to demonstrate the different application fields of functional plant fibres. High approval from the 30 participants was created by the German product samples with fibre ingredients. During the get-togehther after the workshop further applications could be discussed.

2017-03-17 SENSOCEL® bc 20 is one of the 7 finalists "New Functional Ingredients"

The secret of soft skin feelIn December 2016 we launched our new product SENSOCEL® bc 20 and are very happy about the current nomination for the "New functional ingredients" award. SENSOCEL® bc 20 is a microfine bamboo powder for the ultimate soft touch. It creates harmonic and light textures, especially in W/O emulsions and it surprises with a strong matt effect.


2017-03-03 SANACEL®  at Expo Carnes 2017

Expo Carnes 2017Together with our partner Fabpsa, who also celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, we presented our SANACEL® food fibres and their various applications fields to the visitors of the meat exhibition Expo Carnes in Monterrey, Mexico. The visitors of were offered different sausage and burger dishes which have been freshly prepared by two chefs at the booth. Therefore our visitors could be persuaded very efficently by the advantagtes of the use of SANACEL®  fibres.

2017-02-21 40 Years CFF GmbH & Co. KG

40 Jahre CFFWe are celebrating our 40th anniversary! Our company has been founded on February 21st, 1977 in Moenchengladbach / Germany - 40 eventful years have passed! In the meantime our functional cellulose fibres are exclusively produced at our site in Gehren/Thuringia and from here we deliver our customers globally.

Many thanks to our colleagues - only by the support of our strong team we have been able to become one of the worlds largest manufacturers of natural cellulose fibres. The exceptional variety of applications and product variety of our fibres is the confirmation of our common success! Particularly we may also thank our business partners, customers and suppliers for the good cooperation during the past 40 years. We are looking forward to the continuation of this successful story!


2016-11-09 GULFOOD Manufacturing 2016

GULFOOD3 eventful days draw to a close – characterised by plenty of discussions with visitors from Middle East, Asia and North Africa. After several participations together with our partners from Dubai during the last years, 2016 has been our premiere for our own CFF booth at the German Pavilion. We have been really impressed by the high frequency of visitors and the huge interest in our SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates. We are now eager to follow-up on all topics and also plan our participation at GULFOOD Manufacturing 2017.

2016-10-13 FILTECH in Cologne

FILTECH 2016We look back on a successful FILTECH 2016. The most important filtration event in 2016 has been an ideal platform to introduce our organic and functional filter aids. FILTECH combines the global filtration exhibition with the filtration congress of varoius lectures from Science and Industry.

Thank you to all visitors of our booth for the open discussions and ideas for new projects.

2016-10-07 5th TOPCEL® Convention

TOPCEL ConventionWe thank our partners from 23 different countries as well as all delegates for their participation of the 5th TOPCEL® convention! We furthermore express our special thanks to all speakers supporting our event with their presentations about developments in asphalt business: COWI, EAPA, Hart Consult International, ATL Hydroseeding East Africa, Asphalt Pavements for Europe, Sasol, DAF.Co, Quality Asphalt, iba-engineering, TLBV Thüringen. We look forward to welcome all of you at the next TOPCEL® Convention!

2016-10-05 Construction progress E³ apartment module CemCel

CemCelThe project E³ apartment module CemCel is based on the specific development of sustainable light constructional components which will be used for the construction of apartment modules on the campus of the Bauhaus University Weimar. Already in 2014 a cement based brick has been developed with TECHNOCEL®. fibres. Currently the apartment module is fixed with window and door and the finishing plaster coat is applied in order to start the interior fittings. One good news: in the future the faculties art & design as well as architecture will also join the project and will experiment with the CemCel material for the interior and furniture design of the apartment modules.

2016-09-26 UK government announces microbeads ban

PuderBesides the USA, UK is now the second country legally prohibiting the manufacture and sale of personal care products containing microplastics by the end of 2017. We welcome their example not only to include microplastics for exfoliation but also microplastics like nylon or PMMA, used for skin feel enhancement in skin care and colour cosmetic products! Shoppers are usually still not aware that ingredients like nylon, polyethylene or PMMA are used in a far wider range of cosmetic products than just in peelings or shower gels. We support the endeavor of a global ban of these non-degradable particles and their substitution by eco-friendly alternatives like SENSOCEL®.

2016-09-23 Fi Asia 2016 in Jakarta

Fi AsiaThe Fi Asia is the most successful Food Ingredients fair in Asia and the 2016 edition was the most successful to date! Asia is a fast growing market, many new companies are interested in planning to build up a new business and were looking for solutions for their products. Together with our Indonesian partner we presented our range of SANACEL® fibres and their potential for clever solutions in food applications. Thank you to all visitors of our booth for the fruitful discussions.


2016-09-20 visit of the head of district authority of the Ilm-Kreis

Petra EndersContacts to our administrative district office are usually just maintained when important documents and health certificates are required for our deliveries to the numerous countries worldwide. However, we have been suprised and pleased about the interest of our head of district authority Petra Enders to learn more about the diverse business fields of CFF. After a factory tour of CFF a fat reduced Leberkäs, enriched with SANACEL® dietary fibres, provided the best atmosphere to discuss daily challenges, targets and suggestions of CFF to the politician.

2016-08-29 SENSOCEL® Sensations 2016

SENSOCEL SensationsOur first SENSOCEL® Sensations workshop has been a extraordinary success - two days, full of innovative spirit and discussions about SENSOCEL® fibres, powders & scrubs and their diverse applications in cosmetic products. Thank you to all our partners who joined our CFF Family for this intensive seminar.



2016-07-01 EAPA Membership

EAPA LogoThe EAPA as central organisation is representing the national asphalt associations on the European scale. With common working groups and by the collaboration with relevant committees the EAPA is setting focus on the development of sustainable asphalt construction methods, for an uniform system of norms as well as for standards in asphalt production. By our membership we aim to support those activities to contribute to the development of innovative asphalt road construction.

2016-06-03 6th E&E Congress in Prag

E&E Congress 2016In June the most important event of the sectors of road construction, asphalt and bitumen, the E&E Congress, took place in Prague. More than 1.000 attendees and exhibitors joined the presentations to catch up new information about topics like CO2-emission reduction and sustainable construction methods in asphalt road construction methods. CFF welcomed visitors from industry, trading, science, laboratory and administration on their booth.

Thank you to all visitors for the valuable and interesting conversations.

2016-04-11 World Filtration Congress in Taipeh

WFCDuring the 12th World Filtration Congress (WFC) we presented our products supported by our local partners at the simultaneous congress exhibition. The Taiwanese capital Taipei has been chosen as this year’s venue for the WFC 12 and for several days became the center of the last scientific findings in filtration research. A great opportunity for CFF to gather lots of new contacts and projects and to increased the brand awareness of our environmental friendly and efficient DIACEL® filtration products in Asia.

2016-03-14 1st award for student union Thuringia

Last October CFF already reported about the student union’s action week “Regional and healthy delights from Thuringia”. In the meantime various food products with very high health and nutritional values achieved by using SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates were established in the menus of different Thuringian university canteens. REGIONAL, HEALTHY and DELIGHTFUL- this also convinced the jury of the German Catering Congress in Hamburg on March 14th, 2016. The student union Thuringia won the 1st award “Beste GV- Aktion 2015” (“best communal catering action 2015”) sponsored by the professional journal for communal catering “gv-praxis”. Learn more!

2016-01-06 U.S. officially bans microplastics

Siebversuch KosmetikSending a strong message to the global cosmetic industry, the U.S. is the first country to prohibit microbeads in rinse off products. The ban on cosmetics with microbeads starts on July 1, 2018 and forces formulators already today to find eco-friendly alternatives like our cellulose scrubs. We welcome the ban and hope that the EU and other countries will join soon. Learn more!

2015-12-08 Vejforum Denmark 2015 in Nyborg

VejforumWithin the first week of December the traditional Vejforum took place in Nyborg. It is the major and outstanding conference with integrated trade show for the road construction sector in Denmark. This year’s conference was again an event full of records. More than 1200 visitors and 60 exhibitors joined the event, more than ever before. Construction professionals as well as the Danish Minister of Transport Hans Christian Schmidt visited the CFF booth to catch up on fibre application in asphalt as well as high resistant asphalt wearing courses just like SMA.

2015-12-04 Food ingredients Europe 2015 in Paris

FiE 2016The Food Ingredients Europe this year held in Paris is the most important show for the food ingredients industry. Despite the previous happenings in Paris more than 19,700 participants from 119 different countries visited the show. Our food team discussed many new ideas for new product developments as well as common applications. We are looking forward to explore these within the next weeks. Our thanks goes to all visitors, organizers as well as the booth team of CFF.