Animal nutrition

QUALICEL® fibre concentrates – the foundation of a balanced animal nutrition and a healthy intestine

QUALICEL® fibre concentrates are highly suitable for production of feed for all pets and farm animals. QUALICEL® fibre concentrates are hygienically impeccable and contain no mycotoxins. The high function of the fibres and nutritionally physiological effects in the animal are at the focus here. The high and standardised content of fibre makes you independent of the origin-related fluctuations in conventional crude fibre sources.

Possible applications of QUALICEL® fibre concentrates:

  • piglet raising
  • sow and gilt feeding
  • poultry (laying hens, broilers, roosters, breeder)
  • calf raising
  • aqua culture/fish feed
  • petfood (dog, cat)
  • hobby animals (rabbits, horse)

Fibres are very important in feeding non-ruminating pets and farm animals. The term of fibre summarises many soluble and non-soluble feed components with many different physical and chemical properties.

Benefits of QUALICEL® fibre concentrates:

  • inert fibres
  • free of mycotoxins
  • fibres not soluble in the digestive tract do not increase viscosity
  • defined water and oil binding capacity in the feed
  • improved intestinal peristaltic – supporting intestinal health and the body's own immune competence
  • the fibre network loosens up the digesta and permits stable digestion without diarrhoea or congestion
  • acceleration of the passage rate of the digesta
  • prevents rising of harmful germs into the small intestine
  • improves faecal consistency/defecation by controlling water resorption

QUALICEL® fibre concentrates are insoluble and have an important intestinally regulating function in digestion. Insoluble fibres are excreted again undigested but positively influence emptying of the stomach, quality of faeces and the gastrointestinal motility. Increased water volumes bound in the faeces increase the faecal volume and speed up the gastrointestinal passage. This prevents rising of undesired germs from the large intestine into the small intestine and their undesired multiplication.

This regulating effect of fibre is based on the high water-binding capacity and its effect on the intestinal flora. Additionally, QUALICEL® fibres stimulate the intestinal mucosa, thereby increasing its resistance to bacteria.

Possible application range of QUALICEL® fibre concentrates:

  • economic compliance with the crude fibre content demands in the regulation on animal protection of farm animals for pregnant gilts and sows
  • promotion of satiety in pregnancy
  • maintenance of the intestinal peristaltic during preparation for farrowing in breeding sows
  • targeted enrichment with crude fibre in the high-energy feed for lactating sows without dilution of nutrients
  • at occurrence of feather pecking or foot pad issues in poultry
  • targeted stimulation of development of the villi of the intestine/rumen in piglets and calves
  • reduction of the energy content (feed for overweight pets)
  • promotes dental hygiene
  • anti-hairball effect in cats
  • texture improvement of wet petfood
  • reduction of feed loss by abrasion or breakage

We will gladly advise you in choosing the matching product and suitable dosage.