Dietary fibre concentrates for high quality foods

SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates are natural ingredients for the food industry. On the one hand, they offer a high nutritional value, on the other hand a variety of functional properties. Mechanical reduction leads to products of different fibre lengths with characteristic properties such as defined water and oil binding properties.

Our SANACEL® food fibres are produced with a high claim to product quality and hygiene. We ensure compliance with introduction of the DIN EN ISO 22.000:2005 and implementation of the HACCP concept. Halal and Kosher certification as well as common product documentation are available for all SANACEL® products.

Depending on target and type of application, fibre types are used in a size range of 23 µm – 1000 µm.
SANACEL® food fibres are gained from renewable raw materials and differ by type of origin and composition.

Insoluble fibres

  • SANACEL® cellulose (powder cellulose, E 460ii)
  • SANACEL® wheat (wheat fibre)
  • SANACEL® oat (oat fibre)
  • SANACEL® bamboo (bamboo fibre)
  • SANACEL® sugarcane (sugarcane fibre)

Fibre or fibre blends with soluble parts

  • SANACEL® add (fibre blends)
  • SANACEL® apple (apple fibre)
  • SANACEL® pea (pea fibre)
  • SANACEL® potato (potato fibre)
  • SANACEL® betaG (barley fibre)