TECHNOCEL® HS - innovative and fast method for renaturation of large areas

Road construction measures, open-cast mining or landscape design are means of deliberate manipulation of the natural appearance of a landscape. Large vegetation-free and therefore erosion-endangered areas result. Hydroseeding is an effective method for renaturation of such areas with CFF cellulose fibres.

After spraying on, the cellulose forms a three-dimensional fibre mesh that interlocks with the underground. The seeds are enclosed in this "fibre carpet" and distributed homogeneously. The cellulose stores water and continually supplies it to the seeds. This supports the germination process considerably, which permits plant growth as quickly as after two to four weeks.

Typical areas of use:

Mounds at road edges, planting the median, earth works at level adjustment of roads or railway routes, golf courts, ski slopes, off-road routes, sports courts, avalanche and wild water dams, terracing, embankments, airfields, planting of above-ground tunnel systems (artificial game passes or noise protection tunnel), deposits, spoil or poured goods deposits, quarries, gravel pits, forest paths, clearing, dam construction

The benefits at a single glance:

  • High efficiency
  • High function
  • Very good erosion protection
  • Ecological compatibility