Cellulose fibres - Efficient in refractory masses

Refractory masses serve as lining and insulation layer of melt troughs, distributors and tundish outlets as they are used, for example, in the continuous casting procedure in the steel and metal-processing industries.

TECHNOCEL® cellulose figures form a three-dimensional mesh of finest fibres within the refractory masses. This is elementary for the drying process. The capillary effect of the fibres leads to an even and fast drying process that clearly counters tension build-up or even cracking in the mass. The fibres act like drainage channels here.

The fibre also is of elementary importance in curing. Thermal treatment causes the fibres to disintegrate and leave a network of fine pores within the mass. This additionally reinforces the isolation effect of the refractory body.

The use of TECHNOCEL® fibres also clearly increases the service life and shelf life of the lining. The drying time is essentially reduced.

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