CFF GmbH & Co. KG, with two production sites in Thuringia and Belgium, is your strong partner for natural and functional celluloses in a wide variety of industries. We support you with clever solutions for all your individual requests and use high-quality cellulose fibres from renewable raw materials. For your applications we combine innovative technologies with the fantastic capabilities of nature. We are looking forward to learning more about your requirements.

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Optimise your Nutri-Score

The trend towards healthy eating is advancing. More and more people are consciously paying attention to the selection of healthy foods. Youhave the chance to directly contribute to the customer's purchase decision, as the consumer compares the Nutri-Score of foods within a product group. By using dietary fibres, the result of the Nutri-Score is positively influenced. Thus, you can improve the ranking of the Nutri-Score by enriching your products with dietary fibre concentrates from SANACEL®.

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Our unique technical cellulose fibres of our TECHNOCEL® range are true all-rounders. No matter if in dry mix mortars and tile adhesives, ready to use plasters & putties or even welding electrodes – by the constantly high quality, products like TC 75-1 or TC 1000-1 become true alternatives. We are pleased to advise you on the right choice of fibre length and dosage quantity. Simply contact us!