hydrophobic cellulose

The secret of flawless skin

SENSOCEL®+ are ultra-fine hydrophobic cellulose powders obtained during a special production process. Due to the hydrophobisation, SENSOCEL®+ brings an exclusive skin feel to skin care products and colour cosmetics. Thereby SENSOCEL®+ convinces with an extraordinary soft-focus effect without a major impact on the viscosity of the formulation. SENSOCEL®+ is able to imitate the skin feel and texture of synthetic powders like PMMA, PE or Nylon on a 100% natural basis. Unlike microplastic powders, SENSOCEL®+ is 100% biodegradable under fresh water conditions (according to ISO 14851) and therefore harmless to human and nature.

Why use microplastic powders, when it is also possible to formulate “green”?

Innovation: SENSOCEL®+ hydrophobic cellulose – natural ingredients for sophisticated skin care

  • eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to synthetic powders
  • plant based imitation of the character of PMMA and Nylon
  • light textures and an exclusive skin feel in O/W and W/O
  • considerable soft-focus effect for an even teint
  • soft, velvet skin feel without silicone oils
  • matte effect & excellent sensory profile in colour cosmetics

SENSOCEL®+ hydrophobic cellulose is a novelty under the well-known sensory additives and can be used in almost every cosmetic product.SENSOCEL®+ hydrophobic cellulose creates an ultra-smooth, powdery-soft skin feel and leads to pleasantly light textures without significant increase in viscosity. The micro-fine powders enable a strong soft-focus effect for modern anti-aging care.

Technological properties of SENSOCEL®+

  • insoluble and chemically inert
  • highly pure (< 100 CFU/ g), white, odourless
  • easy dispersible
  • shear-stable
  • high process stability

Examples for the use of SENSOCEL®+

  • replacement of PMMA, PE and Nylon in personal care, beauty care & colour cosmetics
  • soft-focus effect in skin care products and make-up
  • ultrafast skin absorption without noticeable residues
  • silky-soft skin feel
  • enables the replacement of silicone oils
  • pressed powders with an exclusive sensory profile & pleasant texture on a natural base

SENSOCEL®+ hydrophobic cellulose are the newcomers within the SENSOCEL® powders, fibres & scrubs range and combine high performance in soft-focus and skin feel with the natural touch of environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients.

It will be our pleasure to support you with recommendations about the appropriate fibre grade and dosage.