SENSOCEL® scrubs

What`s your favourite colour?

The global movement of banning microbeads from personal care products continues apace. The ban on manufacture and sale of cosmetic products containing microbeads forces the formulators all over the world to reformulate their products with natural alternatives such as SENSOCEL® scrubs.

SENSOCEL® scrubs & coloured scrubs for mild & efficient exfoliation

  • available in white, black, green, blue, yellow, orange & red
  • coloured particles based on natural cellulose and natural pigments

  • Benefits of SENSOCEL® scrubs

    • We love pure nature!!! SENSOCEL® scrubs are 100 % biodegradable
    • available in various particle sizes for different peeling intensities
    • gentle cleaning of the stratum corneum
    • support of the natural regeneration of the skin
    • equal cleaning performance compared to polyethylene or silica

    Functional properties of SENSOCEL® scrubs:

    • high cleansing performance
    • low abrasion
    • evidently efficient removal of dead skin cells and stains
    • mild particles for the cleansing of sensible parts of the skin, the scalp and the hair

    Technological properties of SENSOCEL® scrubs

    • insoluble and inert plant fibre granules
    • easy to disperse and to stabilise
    • high shear stability in viscous formulas
    • photo stability
    • temperature stability up to 200 °C / pH stable
    • highly pure ingredients (mibi <100 CFU/g)

    According to their abrasive structure, SENSOCEL® scrubs are a natural and effective alternative to microplastics (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyester, polyamide, polyurethane and polyimide). As sustainable and biodegradable particles, SENSOCEL® scrubs plant granules are gentle to humans and nature.

    It will be our pleasure to support you with recommendations about the appropriate fibre grade and dosage.