Taking care of nature

Nature has prepared plenty of raw materials for the human world. In the course of the years we have developed many products based on natural raw materials, although they pass intense processing, they remain integrated into a natural cycle - from nature - back to nature.

Energy policy

Avoiding environmental strain means saving power even in production. We take this demand into consideration in further processing of all of our products. Certified after DIN EN ISO 50001, we are committed to an efficient and sustainable use of energy and long-term reduction of our energy consumption.

Environmental policy

We actively practice our ecological responsibility towards our society. One of our utmost objectives is the continuous improvement of the environmental protection in our company and at our partners. We are committed to observing the laws of environmental protection in all areas in the long term run, to avoiding impairment of the environment and to a continuous development of our operational & environmental protection measures on all corporate levels.

Sustainability agreement

Within our energy and environmental policy we commit ourselves to the sustainable use of energy and a resource conserving manufacturing process of our cellulose products. With our voluntary participation of the campaign “ Nachhaltigkeitsabkommen Thüringen” (sustainability agreement of Thuringia) we want to support a stronger ecological awareness for treating natural resources. Together we share the understanding for a sustainable development and for our responsibility towards the next generations.

The sustainability agreement of Thuringia is a voluntary agreement between the Thuringian economy and the Thuringian government. It unites politics, administration and economy particularly in topics like the protection of our climate and environment, protection of resources and energy efficiency. A sustainable development can only be achieved by collaborative synergies. The agreement is a voluntary network of sustainably acting organisations from Thuringia.