Fibre concentrates for all animals

Multitalent in animal nutrition

QUALICEL® fibre concentrates are multitalents in animal nutrition because these natural components are usable in production of feed for any animal species. They offer a high nutritional value and many functional properties. Mechanical chopping produces feed components of different fibre lengths with a defined water and oil binding capacity.

We offer the matching QUALICEL® fibre concentrate for your feed production and advise you on suitable dosages:

  • QUALICEL® pc (cellulose fibres)
  • QUALICEL® lc (lignocellulose fibres)
  • QUALICEL® cc (corn cob fibre granulate)
  • QUALICEL® add (fibre mixtures)

The products of the QUALICEL®series are optimised in contents of the detergent fibre fractions NDF, ADF and ADL. Because the term of crude fibre is legally fixated, among others in feedstuffs law and the animal protection regulation for farm animals, we also indicate the crude fibre content in our products. With NDF-contents > 85% or crude fibre contents > 65%, the products of the QUALICEL® series have much higher contents than conventional fibre sources and are therefore called fibre concentrates.

QUALICEL® fibre concentrates are produced of renewable resources and distinguished by type of origin and composition. Depending on target and application or prerequisites of your plant for production of feedstuffs or mixed feed, fibres in the size range of 100 µm – 2000 µm are used.

QUALICEL® offers the following benefits:

  • natural and environmentally protective raw material alternative
  • standardised composition
  • defined water and oil binding capacity
  • highly concentrated neutral detergent fibre (NDF) and crude fibre contents
  • visible effects even at low amounts
  • hygienically and microbiologically impeccable
  • nutrition concept for intestinal health
  • broad application range for all pets and farm animals
  • economic alternative to conventional fibre sources
  • contains no mycotoxins
  • GMO-free

QUALICEL® fibre concentrates are made with a high claim to product quality and hygiene. We ensure this by introduction of the DIN EN ISO 9.000 et seqq. and implementation of the HACCP concept. CFF GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of straight feeding stuffs according to section 9 of regulation (EC) 183/2005 and is complies with the requirements of the QS system in the feed sector (QS-ID: 4953113171213).