Natural fibres for home care & detergents

biodegradable for non-abrasive cleansing

Producers of home care products and detergents also have to face the challenge of being innovative and to keep pace with market trends and new development. Of course movements like to current discussions about microplastic cleansing particles is not spared out. By TECHNOCEL® CFF provides a product range of various pure cellulose powders & fibres, fibre granules as well as wood fibres within the particle size of 30 µm to 500 µm for home care applications and detergents. TECHNOCEL® is 100% natural and bio-degradable and therefore non-hazardous to humans and nature. Based on their universal properties, TECHNOCEL® products are suitable for various applications in home care & detergent applications.

Functional properties:

  • disintegration aid for rapid tablet decay
  • scouring agent in detergents
  • anti-caking Agent
  • carrier material for detergent powders (e.g. carpet cleanser)
  • compaction aid

Technological properties:

  • high mechanical Absorption
  • retention of water and oil
  • structural viscosity by formation of a 3D fibre-network
  • chemically inert and bio-degradable
  • no REACH and SVHC declaration required
  • physiologically harmless