Highly pure and technical cellulose types

The TECHNOCEL® product portfolio offers a variety of cellulose fibres. These fibres range from short & powdery to fibrous, with various fibre lengths from 8 µm to 2000 µm. Due to their universal properties, our TECHNOCEL® cellulose fibres are utilised in a variety of industrial applications.

Key benefits of using TECHNOCEL® cellulose fibres are:

  • high functionality
  • high thermal stability
  • formation of a stable 3D-fibre network in the final product
  • high water absorption and Retention

TECHNOCEL® – pure & alternative cellulose fibre range

The raw product most commonly used in the production of TECHNOCEL® is cellulose pulp. This material is sourced from the managed resources of renewable forests. In building and construction applications it is common to find TECHNOCEL® products regularly used in the formation of emulsion bound systems such as plasters, renders, filling compounds and paints.

Pure and alternative TECHNOCEL® fibres are key elements of many other production processes including those of welding electrodes, artificial leather and friction materials. TECHNOCEL® also has its part to play in the production of thermoplastics and duroplastics.

Why use TECHNOCEL® fibres? Depending on the fibre length they help produce a stable 3D fibre network. They help in the binding capacity of liquids. These key qualities make TECHNOCEL® an extremely functional filler.

TECHNOCEL® – grey & technical raw cellulose fibre range

TECHNOCEL® can be used as a tailor made ingredient in many different raw material combinations. This multifunctional ingredient is commonly used in drymix products, bitumen applications and refractory processes.

The combination between excellent functionality and moderate price makes our “grey” TECHNOCEL® fibres top sellers in the field of building chemicals products throughout the World. They are available in Ø fibre lengths between 400 and 1,400 µm.