an additive for effective dust reduction

TECHNOCEL® DUST REDUCING fibre is hydrophobic filler from technical raw cellulose designed for the use in building chemicals dry mix applications. The objective is a considerably reduction of the visible and atmospheric dust during production and jobsite mixing.

Threats of dust formation:

  • lung diseases (Pneumoconiosis)
  • dust explosions
  • poor working conditions
  • messy product lines

Fields of applications of TECHNOCEL® DR:

  • construction- & tile adhesives
  • mortar products
  • spackeling compounds / putties / tile grouts
  • mineral plaster systems

We are offering the service of analysing your final product before and after the application of dust reducing fibres to demonstrate their efficiency. Just send us a sample the product you wish to modify.Furthermore, the CFF team is looking forward to explain the advantages of ourTECHNOCEL® DR product group and to offer consultancy regarding dosage and mixing conditions.