Efficient coarse-fibred cellulose mulch for hydroseeding!

TECHNOCEL® HS is a technical coarse cellulose fibre in granulate shape, especially developed by CFF for all hydroseeding applications.

By its raw structure it is more cost efficient than other fibre materials, however without any deficit in functionality. The handling, dosage quantity and storage conditions are beneficial to comparable mulch materials.

TECHNOCEL® HS provides excellent dissolving properties within the hydroseeder and guarantees effective erosion control and water saving capacity by it's three-dimensional interlocking with the underground.

The seed is distributed homogenously, protected within the fibre carpet and constantly supported with water. This helps to guarantee the germination process as well as an area-wide revegetation.

Advantages of TECHNOCEL® HS

  • High functionality in regards to moisture regulation and erosion control
  • constant availability 
  • independent from seasonal price variations