Fibre enrichment for healthy protein shakes

Sports nutrition is characterized by a high protein intake. In recent years, health and not just pure muscle building has become the focus of consumers of protein shakes or bars. Besides the additional intake of dietary supplements the importance of a natural and healthy diet is growing. As a result, dietary fibre as well as low-carb and clean label products are becoming more and more important in sports nutrition.

Dietary fibre not only supports digestion and intestinal health, but can also turn a simple protein shake into a “shape shake” due to its satiety effect. The fitness driven consumer field of sports nutrition has also expanded, which increases the demand for plant based or vegan products.

Our SANACEL® products can be used in a variety of ways in sports nutrition. The cellulosic, insoluble fibre concentrates such as bamboo fibre, wheat fibre, sugarcane fibre, oat fibre and cellulose powder (E460ii) are mainly used for fibre enrichment.

In addition to the nutritional aspect, the SANACEL® add blends also bring a functional component into the product. Most mixtures are a combination of insoluble and soluble fibres. This composition means that e.g. not only the fibre content of a shake is increased but also a creamy texture and mouthfeel will be achieved. Even conventional thickeners in a shake can be completely replaced by our SANACEL® add blends, thus reducing E-numbers in the ingredient list. Especially our SANACEL® add 045 has been developed for protein shakes for fibre enrichment and simultaneous clean-label thickening, in order to produce a high fibre and creamy protein shake.

Advantages of our SANACEL® products:

  • Clean label thickener (with the exception of SANACEL®cellulose (E460ii))
  • allergen free
  • easy to use (mix with powdered ingredients)