Food filtration

DIACEL® - natural & clean solutions for filtration processes in the food industry

Producers of various foods and drinks around the world trust in our highly pure filtration celluloses. The benefits of our organic filter aids are the low consumption rate at best filtration output and harmlessness to health.

The natural raw materials origin of our DIACEL® products permits ideal utilisation of the filter cake, e.g. as feed or fertiliser.

Our customers trust in the production standards according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO 22.000:2005, FCC IV and GMP.

Applications in the area of food filtration

  • Sugar
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Fruit juice
  • Kitchen oil

Benefits in use of DIACEL® fibres:

  • Cost savings by process optimisation (longer filter downtimes)
  • Low consumption
  • Outstanding disposal options
  • Fast and even development of a stable filter cake
  • Material protection of the filter system since there is virtually no abrasion