Pharma filtration

DIACEL® filter aids for highest standards

The targeted selection of our raw materials and careful production qualify our DIACEL® fifilter aids perfectly for different applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The benefits for our customers are not only in the best filtration results but also in reliable product quality and reliable delivery conditions.

Our customers trust in the production standards of our organic filter celluloses according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO 22.000:2005, FCC IV and GMP.

Applications in pharmaceutical filtration:

  • Antibiotics
  • Blood plasma
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Cell disruptions

Benefits in use of DIACEL® cellulose fibres:

  • Cost savings by process optimisation (longer filter downtimes)
  • Low consumption
  • Outstanding disposal options
  • Fast and even development of a stable filter cake
  • Inert against most organic solvents and acids/lyes/in the pH-range 1 - 14
  • Material protection of the filter system since there is virtually no abrasion