Non-Food filtration

DIACEL® - purity & sustainability of technical fluids

The benefits of our DIACEL® filter aids are outstandingly evident in the area of industrial filtration. The high chemical stability permits a very wide application range and offers the safety of a stable process.

The lower usage volumes as compared to mineral filter aids like diatomites or perlites ensure savings in cooling lubricant consumption in the metal processing industry and offer not only ecological but also financial benefits.

Furthermore, compressibility of our material permits recovery of bound liquids from the filter cake as well.

Applications in the industrial non-food area:

  • Chemical solutions
  • Mineral oils/cooling lubricants
  • Grinding waters
  • Galvanic baths
  • Sewage

Benefits in use of DIACEL® fibres:

  • Cost savings by process optimisation (longer filter downtimes)
  • Lower consumption volumes as compared to inorganic filter aids
  • Better disposal options than mineral filter aids
  • Fast and even development of a stable filter cake
  • Inert against most organic solvents and acids/lyes/in the pH-range 1 - 14
  • Material protection of the filter system since there is virtually no abrasion.