customised fibre blends for your individual requirements

SANACEL® add dietary fibre blends are developed, tested and produced according to your specific application. With SANACEL® add you can reach an ideal combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres. With these blends even gluten-free bakery products with dough stabilizing properties are not a challenge anymore. Furthermore an extended shelf-life - especially for bakery products - can be suggested with SANACEL® add dietary fibre blends.

With SANACEL® add dietary fibres it is easy to replace fat, to stabilize emulsions and to prevent sedimentation of fat and gel in meat products. Due to this, expensive raw materials can sometimes be fully replaced or at least reduced. Soluble dietary fibres have similar properties like hydrocolloids and can therefore replace expensive E-numbers (Clean Labeling) in your blends.

The declaration of the SANACEL® add fibre blends will be according to the contained components. Please consider the specific food approval regulations and laws about the declaration of foods valid in your country.

Advantages SANACEL® add dietary fibre blends:

  • Clean Labeling
  • allergen free e.g. gluten-free
  • possibilities for fat replacement
  • GMO free
  • developement in close cooperation with you according to your specific application
  • replacement of expensive raw materials

Please contact us in order to start with the development of your application specific fibre blend. We face any challenges! Upon request we will be happy to provide product specifications with more detailed technical information.