SANACEL® apple

Fruit fibre with versatile properties

SANACEL® apple is an apple fibre which is obtained from dried apple pomace in a gentle process and consists of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres. Soluble food fibres work prebiotic in the human body and insoluble dietary fibres improve the digestion.

SANACEL® apple has a dark colour and a fruity flavour. Therefore SANACEL® apple is ideally suitable for dark bakery goods or fruit fillings for fibre enrichment. Further possible applications are biscuits, cereals, cereal bars or extruded products, as well as fruit preparations and drinks.

The dietary fibre content of this natural product is approximately 60%.

SANACEL® apple contains polyphenols and pectin which is beneficially used for dietary fibre enrichment in many applications and for many healthy aspects. But also technologically the apple fibre is favorable due to a high water binding capacity resulting in an increased viscosity.

SANACEL® apple can be simply declared as "apple fibre". Please consider the specific food approval regulations and laws about the declaration of foods valid in your country.


SANACEL® apple offers the following advantages:

  • clean labelling (E-number free)
  • absence of allergens
  • absence of gluten 
  • GMO free

We will be happy to support you with suggestions for your individual applications and look forward to your requests! Upon request we will be happy to provide product specifications with more detailed technical information.