Additive (E460ii) according to the EU regulation on food additive

SANACEL® powder cellulose is an additive (E460ii) according to the EU-food additives legislation and is a highly pure part of native cellulose, available as fibre or fibre powder in fibre lenghts between 23 µm and 300µm.

SANACEL® celluloses are insoluble dietary fibres, neutral in taste and odour, absolutely inert, without sensory influence and offer best conditions for a good processability. SANACEL® powder celluloses have a dietary fibre content of approximately 98%.

As anti caking agent in spice mixes or grated cheese as well as for yield increase in meat and sausages or ham injection, there is a suitable SANACEL® product for any application.

SANACEL® powder cellulose is a food additive, gluten-free, allergen- and GMO-free.

The declaration for SANACEL® is „cellulose powder"or with the E-number E460ii. Please always consider the specific food approval regulations and laws about the declaration of foods valid in your country. Upon request we will be happy to provide product specifications with more detailed technical information.