with health benefits of high molecular weight β-glucan

SANACEL® betaG is a barley fibre, which contains high molecular weight beta-glucan - a soluble dietary fibre which is obtained from selected parts of the barley grain during a very gently production method and is specified as "barley fibre".

This natural product is rich in beta-glucan, a polysaccharide with versatile health effects. A high cholesterol level is a risk to get a coronary heart disease. Just by eating 3g of beta glucan per day the cholesterol value in the blood is reduced. Due to this there is a lower risk to suffer from cardiovascular problems.



Additionally the EFSA, the European Authority for food safety and consumer protection, has officially confirmed the positive effect of beta-glucan by several Health Claims after reviewing healthy food products:


Beta-glucan contributes to maintain healthy cholesterol levels
The required amount of product with which one can guarantee a daily intake of 3 g ß- glucan must be specified. One serving should at least contain 1g ß- glucan.

 The consumption of beta-glucans stabilizes the metabolism of sugar
In order to obtain the claimed effect, 4 g of ß- glucan for each 30 g of available carbohydrates should be consumed per meal.

 Barley ß-glucan increases faecal bulk
SANACEL® betaG combines the positive healthy effect of ß- glucans with valuable technological properties.

 Advantages for your production process:

  • high binding capacity
  • simple application
  • good texture development

Preferred applications for dietary fibre enrichment with SANACEL® betaG:

  • bakery products
  • pastries
  • cereals
  • pasta

The barley fibre SANACEL® betaG is an ideal ingredient for fibre and beta-glucan enrichment in your product innovation. We look forward to discuss our experiences and ideas with you. Upon request we will be happy to provide product specifications with more detailed technical information.