Economic bitumen carrier in asphalt road construction

TOPCEL® cellulose fibre pellets are made from natural and recycled cellulose, specially blended and developed for asphalt production purposes.

The TOPCEL® pellets are produced free from bitumen or modifying additives. TOPCEL® can readily be used as a bitumen carrier for most fibre-bound asphalt. The pellet shape is particularly suitable for automatic dosage devices at the asphalt mixing plant.

The shearing forces of the aggregates in the asphalt mixer are necessary to break the pellets and distribute the fibres homogeneously in the asphalt mix. Depending on the mixing plant technology and the aggregate fractions a dry pre-mix time of only 5 - 15 seconds is sufficient to ensure even distribution of the fibres throughout the asphalt mix.

The exceptional stability of the TOPCEL® fibre pellets permits long storage times as well as storage in silo containers. The contact with water or moisture should be avoided at all times.

We supply TOPCEL® cellulose fibre pellets in:

  • TOPCEL® big bags for automatic pellet dosing systems
  • TOPCEL® silo goods for space-saving storage in the fibre silo
  • TOPCEL® K small packages in 2 – 12 kg PE-bags for the manual fibre dosage

Advantages of TOPCEL® fibre pellets:

  • bitumen-free fibre pellet for high economic efficiency
  • easy and safe release of the fibres from the TOPCEL® / TOPCEL® K pellet for fast distribution in the mix
  • optimum flow characteristics for automatic dosing systems
  • safe and stable storage in silos

We will be pleased to support you with individual suggestions for the ideal application of our TOPCEL® road construction pellets and look forward to a personal discussion with you.