SANACEL® to increase the nutritional value of pasta

In pasta products SANACEL® dietary fibres are mainly used for dietary fibre enrichment. Powdered celluloses (E460ii) and plant fibres like wheat, oat or potato fibres allow a simple fibre enrichment in pasta.

A high dietary fibre intake influences the intestinal environment as well as the human bowel movements advantageously. SANACEL® betaG, a beta-glucan containing dietary fibre from barley, can help to reduce the cholesterol level as well as to influence the blood sugar level positively.

Improvements concerning consistency, texture and form stability of your products are also possible. Specially for pasta we have optimized products concerning sieve characteristic and colouring.

SANACEL® dietary fibres are:

  • allergen free
  • gluten free (apart from SANACEL® betaG)
  • GMO free
  • E-number free (apart from powdered cellulose)

According to kind and aim of application SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates with fibre lengths between 35 – 80 µm are usually used.

There are currently many dietary fibre enriched pasta products available on the worldwide market. We would be pleased to help you with the realization of the dietary fibre declaration and the use of the EFSA “health claims”.