Fillers & tile grouts

TECHNOCEL® for a considerable reduction of crack formations


For the manufacturers and end consumers of dispersion paints TECHNOCEL® fibres offer many properties that help them to achieve a perfect result in processing as well as completion. TECHNOCEL® positively influences the rheological properties of the end product, reduces the density of the end mixture and has a matting effect. By achieving a higher wet-film visibility, the end product appears with more opacity.




The outstanding water absorption and retention of TECHNOCEL® cellulose fibres supports a constantly even drying by extension of the opening time and thus inhibits the occurrence of micro-cracks. A nice by-effect is, that cellulose fibres act as a demixing inhibitor for the pigments. Those attch to the fibre stands in the mixture and prevent a sedimentation of the pigments.

Technical characteristics of TECHNOCEL®:

  • high physical water absorption and retention
  • structural viscosity by formation of a fibre network
  • reinforcing 3D fibre network in the final mix
  • chemically inert and 100% biodegradable
  • no REACH and SVHC declaration required