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SENSOCEL® scrubs

Gentle exfoliation and cleansing in personal care & oral care

By establishing a new law the U.S. is the first country to prohibit the use of microplastics in rinse off products. The ban on cosmetics with microbeads starts on July 1, 2018 and forces formulators to find eco-friendly alternatives like our cellulose scrubs.

Our SENSOCEL® Scrubs range includes pure cellulose granules which are obtained during a particularly gentle production from different plants. SENSOCEL® scrubs are available in different particle sizes of 20 μm to 800 μm.

According to their abrasive structure SENSOCEL® scrubs are a natural and effective alternative to microplastics (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyester, polyamide, polyurethane, polyimide). As sustainable and bio-degradable particles SENSOCEL® plant granules are gentle to humans and nature.

Functional and technological properties SENSOCEL® scrubs:

  • insoluble and inert plant fibre granules for gentle exfoliation and skin protecting cleansing effects in peelings (e.g. shower gels, facial cleansers)
  • support of the stabilisation of emulsions by high water binding capacity and oil absorption
  • easy dispersion in emulsions
  • temperature stable & pH stable ingredients
  • free of allergens, GMO free, vegan

    Please contact us for recommendations about the appropriate fibre grade and dosage!


    Research project KosLigCel - clean cosmetics for a clean environment

    Within the research project KosLigCel, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we assist the Fraunhofer Institut IMWS in their material scientifical study of natural abrasives compared to polyethylen.

    Often natural raw materials cannot compete with the familiar homogenious & smooth structure or the defined stability of microbeads. Many mineral or plant particles have a rough surface structure and sharp edges which could cause little scratches to the skin or could damage our dental enamel or dentine within oral care products.

    That implies an important question: which raw material is the most suitable for the substitution of Polyethylen?

    Within the project KosLigCel biodegradable particles are produced from beech wood cellulose and will be analyzed for their properties. Project target is to identify those particles which provide the desired properties for personal care products in regards to size, shape, stability and surface texture and which are furthermore skin friendly.

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