Versatile & highly functional cosmetic ingredients – for the benefit of natural and gentle personal care

„Rediscovery of naturalness“ – a development that also affects modern beauty and personal care. Subjects like environmental compatibility and sustainability gain more importance in the cosmetic sector with the challenge to replace chemical additives by natural raw materials.

SENSOCEL® plant fibres are obtained from natural raw materials during a very gentle production method:

Insoluble fibres:

  • SENSOCEL® (INCI: Cellulose)
  • SENSOCEL® bc (INCI: Cellulose) bamboo
  • SENSOCEL® oc (INCI: Cellulose) oat
  • SENSOCEL® wc (INCI: Cellulose) wheat - glutenfree!!!
  • SENSOCEL® cc (INCI: Zea Mays Cob Powder) as eco-friendly Peeling particles

    Fibres with soluble and insoluble parts:

  • SENSOCEL® betaG (INCI: beta-glucan) barley fibre with skin protecting beta-glucan
  • SENSOCEL® ac (INCI: Pyrus Malus Fiber) apple fibre with valuable pectin to activate the cell regeneration

    SENSOCEL® fibres vary in terms of their particle shape (globular or fibrous) and particle size, which enables different functionalities in line with the specific targets of your cosmetic application. CFF provides fibre types in particle sizes of 18 µm up to 1000 µm. Please ask us for our support to choose the appropriate SENSOCEL® fibre type for your personal care product!

    The consistent control of our product quality is of great importance to us and is documented by our certification after DIN EN 9001 as well as the food standard DIN EN ISO 22000. Furthermore patch tests prove that SENSOCEL® plant fibres do not cause any reactions to the skin and can be classified as harmless in regards to skin irritations.

    SENSOCEL® is a natural alternative in many different cosmetic applications, e.g.:

    • moisture-regulating fibre network in facial masks to retard dry-out and prevent cracking
    • micro-cleansing particles in dental care
    • stabilisation of lotions, creams or shampoo
    • peeling particles in shower peelings or lotions for facial cleansing
    • in deodorants for a comfortably dry skin feel
    • in mascara for more eyelash volume
    • in make-up powders or shampoos to bind oils and fats

    Whether as stabiliser in oil-water emulsions, as filler in lotions or soaps or as eco-friendly ingredient in peeling products; the application of CFF plant fibres in cosmetic products is extremely versatile.

    SENSOCEL® celluloses offer the following advantages for your personal care products:


    • natural and sustainable raw material alternative for higher product value
    • high water and oil binding
    • temperature stable & ph-stable ingredient
    • inert
    • easy dispersible and processible
    • allergen free (gluten free) fibre types in the portfolio
    • vegan ingredient
    • no animal studies
    • GMO free

    We will be happy to support you with suggestions for your individual cosmetic application and look forward to receive your inquiry!