SANACEL® pharma

Highly-purity powder cellulose

SANACEL® pharma is highly pure powdered cellulose which complies with the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.). SANACEL® pharma celluloses are neutral in taste and odor, inert to other substances, without sensorial influence and offer best conditions for a good processability. For tableting or as carrier SANACEL® pharma is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.  

Possible applications for our SANACEL® pharma celluloses are:

  • highly functional excipients
  • binding agents
  • explosives
  • functional fillers
  • lubricants
  • coatings
  • thickeners
  • carriers
  • as substrate and carrier in the enzyme production

The declaration of the SANACEL® pharma celluloses may be performed by the E- number E 460ii. Please consider the specific food approval regulations and laws about the declaration of foods valid in your country. Upon request we will be happy to provide product specifications with more detailed technical information.