solution for the reduction of dust development of powders

The handling of powders like spices, flour or functional ingredients can cause a lot of trouble for the food industry. One very big issue is the development of dust. Dust is not only a high risk for health and work safety, it also causes product losses and huge efforts to clean the production facilities.

With the product group of SANACEL® HOC CFF GmbH & Co. KG offers a solution for the reduction of dust development during the production.

SANACEL® HOC are fibres, highly saturated with oil. While mixing them with the dusty powder, SANACEL® HOC binds the dusty particles and reduces the dust development

SANACEL® HOC can be used for different applications:

  • spices, flavours and functional ingredients
  • functional blends for meat industry
  • premixes for bakery
  • other dry mixtures for instant products, like soups or drinks

SANACEL® HOC dietary fibres are:

  • white fine fibres
  • neutral in taste and odour
  • temperature-resistant, pH stable
  • easily mixable with powders

Please contact us for our support and to choose the appropriate fibre for your application!