Highly pure cellulose fibres for ambitious filtration jobs

DIACEL® is a product group for use in the area of solid-liquid filtration and as a pressing aid. The products can be used in all common pre-coat filtration systems.

The raw materials of our DIACEL® filter aids are highly pure organic celluloses. In addition to applications in the industrial area, use is also recommended in sensitive areas such as the food or pharmaceutics industries. Ourfilter aids are inert and do not influence taste and smell of the filtered liquids. We use controlled process sequences to meet customer-specific requirements regarding best flow rates and service lives.

The DIACEL® product series comprises not only organic filter celluloses but also organic filter aids from annual plants. We therefore solely rely on natural, regenerative raw materials.

DIACEL® filter celluloses are available in different fibre lengths. The range goes from approx. 20 µm to 2500 µm.

DIACEL® cellulose fibres offer, among others, the following benefits in filtration:

  • Low consumption volumes
  • Extension of the filter service lives
  • Material protection of the filter system
  • Low waste volumes & organic waste material
  • Environmental compatibility and sustainability
  • Medical compatibility