TECHNOCEL® for an efficient improvement of plasters & renders

Fibres are used both in decorative and mineral plasters, as well as in mineral insulating and basic plasters.

The improved homogeneity of the final mix becomes tangible for the user in processing. The fibre leads to improved adhesion and prevents slipping of the plaster. This is essential when working in upright areas. Furthermore the use of TECHNOCEL® fibres enables the craftsmen the application of thicker layers initially.

Fibres in the applied plaster help to reduce cracking while drying due to the lower shrinkage ratio of the end product. The fibre also suppresses formation of drying holes by homogeneous and retarded drying of the plaster. A nice by-effect is that the final mix is less sticky to the working tools, it stays where its put: on the wall!

The technical characteristics at a glance:

  • high physical water absorption and retention
  • structural viscosity by formation of a fibre network
  • reinforcing 3D fibre network in the final mix
  • chemically inert and 100% biodegradable
  • no REACH and SVHC declaration required