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Personal Care & Cosmetics

SENSOCEL® natural fibres, powders & scrubs

Cosmetic products serve our personal care and the conservation of the beauty of the human body. Based on their gentle skin compatibility, natural and sustainable raw-materials are gaining an significant importance for cosmetic products.

Skin and beauty care benefits from the properties of its natural components. Natural cosmetics support the stimulation of our elemental dermal functions and provide gentle and natural care for the health protection of our skin. The application of skin-friendly and eco-friendly raw materials allows that the high standards of modern, natural and especially skin-friendly care can be achieved.

SENSOCEL® products appeal according to their product related characteristics:

  • binding
  • viscosity-increasing
  • stabilising
  • texturising
  • skin-protecting
  • peeling

Besides the careful selection of raw materials the ecologic compatibility of the products, efficient production methods and sustainable raw materials play a vital role for todays cosmetic industry. Thus several organisations support an exclusion of microplastics in peelings or dental care products. For these cosmetic applications SENSOCEL® natural fibres are an eco-friendly alternative. Our SENSOCEL® cellulose fibres are of organic origin, sustainable and gentle to humans and nature.

Based on the cosmetic application and targets, various different cosmetic ingredients are available within the SENSOCEL® range. All SENSOCEL® celluloses are INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) listed.

SENSOCEL® natural ingredients are available for a wide range of cosmetic applications:

  • skin care and skin cleansing
  • dental care
  • hair care & styling
  • facial care and facial cleansing
  • decorative cosmetics

Learn more about our SENSOCEL® cosmetic ingredients and their possible applications in cosmetic products. Please contact us for our support in case you have any questions or require further information!