Welding electrodes

TECHNOCEL® for quality improvement of welding process.

TECHNOCEL® cellulose fibres are used for coating in the production of high-quality welding electrodes. When welding, combustion of the slag leads to a local overpressure that pushes the liquid metal into the welding seam. At the same time, the resulting carbon dioxide acts as a protective gas and thus prevents oxidation of the welding seam or the weakening caused by this. 

The share of TECHNOCEL® varies depending on the rod electrode type. Pipeline or cellulose electrodes contain between 30 and 45% cellulose, while the cellulose share in rutile electrodes is about between 5 - 13%.

Benefits of TECHNOCEL®:

  • Short drying times and reduced cracking in the production of the coating masses
  • Reduced smoke and smell formation when welding
  • Lower slag formation
  • Good flow properties leading to deeper entry into the welding seam
  • Reduced splashing when welding
  • Better protection gas atmosphere
  • Easy welding even in different positions (e.g. welding over head)