Thermo- & duroplastics

TECHNOCEL® for stability improvement

Thermoplastic plastics soften to flowing repeatably when heated and harden when cooling off. Curing (duroplastic) formed masses are products that are permanently shaped under pressure and heat. Duroplastic formed masses are made up of curing synthetic resins as binding agents, filling and reinforcement substances as resin carriers, as well as additives, such as curing agents, inhibitors and dyes.

TECHNOCEL® serves as resin carrier in the production of duroplastics while also improving the properties of the end product:

  • Increase of strength
  • Improvement of the surface
  • Reduction of the loss rate
  • Increase of isolation effect
  • Improvement of the form stability
  • Reduction of the wear rate
  • High thermal (180-250 °C), chemical resilience