Sausage and meat products

SANACEL® dietary fibres - water- and oilbinding on incredibly high level

SANACEL® dietary fibres are versatilely used in sausage and meat products because of their high functionality. Mostly fibre lengths between 80-500 µm are applied. Improved texture, higher yield, prevention of syneresis and fat separation are important reasons to use SANACEL® products.

Thereby often sausage products rich in calories and fat are enriched with dietary fibres to considerably increase their health value.

SANACEL® dietary fibres can also be applied in fat reduced meat and sausage products. The natural fat and meat texture is maintained and due to this the final product has a pleasant mouth feel.

Due to the high thermal stability and the significant water and oil binding capacity SANACEL® dietary fibres support the emulsion stability of cooked and boiled sausages.

For injection and tumbling processes we offer suitable SANACEL® fibres or SANACEL® add blends. Due to the reduced brine loss you receive a juicier product. Syneresis is prevented successfully.

SANACEL® fibres are also used for the raw sausage production in order to increase the cost efficiency, an equal drying process as well as production reliability during the whole maturation.

SANACEL® dietary fibres are:

  • E-number free (apart from powdered cellulose)
  • GMO free
  • allergen free
  • gluten free (apart from SANACEL® betaG)

Our SANACEL® products support you with "Clean Labeling"