Frozen foods

SANACEL® improves the storage stability and melting behavior of your products

SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates enable to a simple dietary fibre enrichment in deep frozen products. A high dietary fibre intake positively regulates the intestinal environment and the human bowel movements. Soluble dietary fibres from barley, potatoes and apples as well as the SANACEL® add fibre blends have a prebiotic effect.

SANACEL®dietary fibre concentrates additionally increase the freezing and thaw stability in frozen fillings. Due to the high dry mass small crystals occur during the freezing process and therefore prevent the deconstruction of the product matrix. Aims like improved quality and storing stability can easily be realized with dietary fibres.

Wheat fibre, oat fibre and powdered cellulose (E460ii) bind a lot of water and oil in the final product due to capillary forces. Potato fibres and fibre blends additionally provide emulsion stabilizing properties. The application of fibres successfully prevents syneresis. Texture and viscosity are positively influenced.

The extreme thermal and functional stability of insoluble fibres opens new possibilities for deep frozen products and offers an uncomplicated use within the applications.

SANACEL® dietary fibres are:

  • E-Number free (apart from powdered cellulose)
  • allergen free
  • gluten free (apart from SANACEL® betaG)
  • GMO free

All SANACEL® products can be used according to kind and aim oft he respective application. We would be pleased to advice a suitable product.