Food supplements

SANACEL® products can be used for enrichment with dietary fibres

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with nutritional or physiological effect which are determined to complete the normal nutrition.

All SANACEL® products can be used for dietary fibre enrichment.

SANACEL® pharma complies with the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) and can be used as tableting aid (lubricant, binding and release agent) or carrier in food supplements of the pharmaceutical industry. The shelf life of the final product is supported through the high water- and oil binding.

All plant fibres like wheat fibre, oat fibre, barley fibre, apple or potato fibre as well as powdered cellulose (E460ii) allow a high dietary fibre intake through a simple dietary fibre enrichment in food supplements. Plant fibres regulate the gut flora and support the human digestion.

SANACEL® betaG furthermore contains the highly effective polysaccharide beta-glucan. Barley beta glucans can have a positive effect on the cholesterol and blood sugar level.

We look forward to suggest you the most suitable product from our portfolio for your application.

For our SANACEL® dietary fibres we guarantee:

  • Clean Label
  • free of Allergens
  • free of gluten (apart from SANACEL® betaG)
  • no GMO

Our SANACEL® products support you with the marketing of health related „Health Claims“ or nutritional related „Nutrition Claims“ of the EFSA.