Optimised cooking and baking stability with SANACEL® dietary fibres

The application of SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates like powdered cellulose, wheat fibres, oat fibres as well as SANACEL® add fibre blends in fillings is very individual.

Whether sweet or savoury, with cheese or meat, fruits or vegetables – the complete SANACEL® product range can be used to increase the cooking and baking stability of fillings and hence to increase the efficiency of the production process. With the application specific blends SANACEL® add, special product related properties can additionally be generated for fillings.

Besides increasing the health value the main focus within the application of SANACEL® dietary fibres in fillings is laid on receiving a defined texture with a pleasant mouthfeel as well as the prevention of syneresis.

SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates furthermore increase the freezing and thaw stability in frozen fillings. Due to the high dry mass small crystals occur during the freezing process and therefore prevent the deconstruction of the product matrix. SANACEL®dietary fibres easily realize tragets like improved quality and storing stability.

SANACEL® offers important nutritional advantages for your products:

  • dietary fibre enrichment
  • calorie reduction
  • fat reduction

Technological advantages of SANACEL® in fillings

  • simplified production Management
  • high water binding capacity
  • prevention of syneresis
  • improved texture
  • better adhesion between filling and dough
  • high freezing and thaw stability
  • heat and baking stability

We would be pleased to support you concerning the appropriate choice of the fitting fibre type and the exact dosage. We are looking forward to your request.