Convenience and fine foods

SANACEL® increases the nutritional value of semi-finished and ready meals

Powdered celluloses (E460ii) and fibres gained from wheat, oat, barley, apple or potato increase the nutritional value of any food product. Fat or carbohydrate reduction is an important nutritional aim of a dietary nutrition.

SANACEL® dietary fibres offer wide product solutions and support the forward-looking food producer to put the healthy advantages of his products into the right light and to strengthen his products by positive food technological properties.

Dietary food fibres enable a health conscious alignment of convenience food.

Besides the positive effects of dietary fibres on the metabolism additionally fat and calorie reduction or allergen-free production can be realized. SANACEL® fibres furthermore increase the consistency of semi-finished and ready meals, soups, sauces, spreads and dressings.

Technological advantages of SANACEL® fibre concentrates in convenience products:

  • high water and oil binding capacity
  • prevention of syneresis
  • positive influence on texture and viscosity
  • increased freezing and thaw stability

Depending on the kind and target of the application the whole SANACEL® product range can be used. Our SANACEL® products support you with „Clean-Labeling“ and are free of allergens and gluten.