Bread and bakery products

SANACEL® fibres concentrates for quality enhacement of your bakery produts

SANACEL® dietary fibres not only enable a high dietary fibre intake by fibre enrichment in bread and baked goods, fibres also regulate the intestinal flora and support the human digestion. Soluble dietary fibres from apple, potato and barely additionally have a prebiotic effect. SANACEL® betaG contains the highly effective polysaccharide beta-glucan with health claims. Barley beta glucans can positively influence the blood sugar and cholesterol level.

Important nutritional advantages SANACEL® dietary fibre in bakery products:

  • dietary fibre enrichment
  • calory reduction („light" or „low-fat"-product)
  • customized and target-oriented application e.g. potato fibre in gluten free products 

Powder cellulose (E460ii) and dietary fibres from oat, wheat, potato, apple as well as our beta-glucan fibre from barley easily allow a dietary fibre enrichment in baked goods.

Additional technological advantages:

  •  extended fresh keeping
  • increased processability
  • higher dough yield because of additional water
  • increased freezing and thaw stability
  • stabilization of products with interrupted fermentation process
  • replacement of more expensive oils/fat or food additives
  • reduced breaking and abrasion of shortbread, wafers and biscuits

Depending on the kind and target of the application SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates with a fibre length between 35 - 250 µm are used.

Gluten free baked goods gain high nutritional value through the enrichment with SANACEL® dietary fibres. With SANACEL® add -fibre blends a significant quality improvement is reached by volume increase with equal pores and a nice crumb color.

Our SANACEL® products support you with „Clean-Labeling", as well as special nutritional & health statements (Health Claims) of the EFSA.